October 2 and 3, 2010


The Parc des coteaux biennial

Bassens, Cenon, Floirac, Lormont

panOramas, is a cultural and artistic event initiated and produced by the Grand Projet des Villes de Bassens, Cenon, Floirac and Lormont, to promote and enhance the Parc de Coteaux (“Hillsides Park”) on the right bank of Bordeaux.

panOramas invites Bruit du frigo and Médias-Cité to conceive 48 hours of digital creation, artistic interventions and alternative leisure activities to highlight this wild park of 400 hectares and 12 km long still unknown to the people of Bordeaux.
The Parc des Coteaux, crossed by a green path of 25 kilometres, becomes the tangible and virtual theatre of this first edition, on the theme of revelation, revelation of places, information flows and urban uses.

On the programme : Suburban walk, Suburban Refuge, Artistic Installations, Tasting events, floating performances and concerts…


The Great Walk

A collective performance guided by Bruit du frigo, the Great Walk crosses the 4 towns over 35km and reveals the unity and continuity of the park. Punctuated by the story of Pierre Mahey and the map traced by the Agence de Géographie affective / Thierry Lafolie, the Great Walk offers an extraordinary urban adventure through the 400 hectares of the park.

10 years after our first manifest walk through this forgotten territory, before it became the Parc des Coteaux.

Suburban shelter, the Cloud

By Zebra3, Hermitage Park in Lormont

Inventing new uses for the park, considering the urban space as a hiking area and proposing innovative facilities in the landscape… A suburban shelter, a microarchitecture to host 8 people, to spend a night or more, a private mini-hotel for the park.
Experimentation of the first pilot shelter, a concept imagined in 2000 by Yvan Detraz in “Zone sweet zone“, research work on the suburbs, and which will be followed by the creation of 10 other suburban shelters.

The picnic table

By Benedetto Bufalino at the Burthe Park in Floirac.
Benedetto Bufalino is interested in the wooden picnic table that can be found in many parks. It will be surrealistic in scale and offer unusual and offbeat uses.

Surprise party

By Studio 21bis at the Cypressat Park in Cenon.
Associated with the Bordeaux club Studio 21, the duo of artists invites us to invest in an atypical installation with the scent of clandestinity, to enjoy a special moment that looks like a surprise party.

1000 secrets

By Brandon Labelle at the Parc de l’Ermitage in Lormont.
Let yourself be carried away by the voice of the audioguide. As you follow in your own footsteps, it invites you on an invisible journey and tells you the stories, memories and legends of the park. You will also leave a trace, an object in the park to make up a new story to discover.

Counter-curve calls

By Jean Luc Guionnet & Eric La Casa at the Séguinaud park in Bassens.
1 site, 3 landscapes and 1 sound track to follow comfortably installed in front of an amazing screen. Children talk about the site, their words take on the authority conferred by a re-reading of the artist, the rumour of the park and that of the côte de la garonne, confused and out of place, reveal another reality of the landscape.

Memories of the hillsides

By Nous Sommes at the Parc Panoramis, Bassens
Shipped on the backs of hiker-carriers, this instantaneous souvenir shop offers the delicacies of the hillside.

Under the Tablecloth

By Bureau baroque
A mobile picnic area for gustatory events to meet the artworks and artists.
Throughout the weekend and in the 4 parks, Bureau Baroque offers a space conducive to exchange, the possibility to sit down and linger together, a roof to shelter gastronomic picnics, to feel a little at home in the park.

On board / The Green Night

By Bruit du frigo, Ermitage Park in Lormont.
This drifting artistic device allows two people to enjoy an original moment on a raft to temporarily live the lake of the Parc de l’Ermitage. Dance, reading, improvised music, food, hairdressing or massage.
With : Erell Latimier, Scott Stroud, Austin Banned, Sophie Dales, Elodie Casanave et Annabelle Lecointre, Vincent Portal, Natalie Goldstein, Laure Moreau, Pascal Battus, Mc Schrob, Christine Sehnaoui – Abdelnour

Culinary creations

By Thomas Brasleret / Restaurant ZE ROCK, Annabelle Lecointre and Elodie Casanave Dit Berdot.


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