June 2024

The Portable Public Spaces

Quai du Rhône, right bank


The Portable Public Spaces are prefiguration and urban activation tools created by Bruit du frigo to accompany the redevelopment of the right bank of the Rhône in Lyon, a project piloted by Base.

The Binoculars, the Tangled Benches, the Rubanc, the Wave, the Perched Benches or also the Ariane Line, all evocative names for these mobile structures designed to move as the work progresses.

They are installed at Pont Wilson and Pont Lafayette, as well as at the pier in Place Antonin Poncet, and were opened and activated by artists during the Festival Entre Rhône et Saône on 29 and 30 June 2024.

These temporary facilities are the first step towards a new way of using the banks and bridges, and accompany the change of image and purpose of the area. They are intended for contemplation and relaxation, and announce the major spatial features of the redevelopment project for the right bank of the Rhône: the “great terraces”, the “esplanade bridges”, the “Lyon lanes”, the “Rhonoramas”…

These Portable Public Spaces, with their original design, have the particularity of being built on platform cradles intended for road transport and converted here into street furniture. This means they can be moved quickly and easily.

Their installation is accompanied by modular, demountable shades canopies that provide large platforms for shaded seating.
Graphics on the floor and on the modules, designed by Lyon artist Bart Lanzini, underline and enliven these temporary spaces.


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