Juillet 2023

Lacanau Bench



Creation of a range of furniture as part of the redevelopment of the Lacanau Océan seafront – Experimentation and prototype phase

Modular furniture to suit all situations and uses.
The furniture on this new “balcony overlooking the sea” will be made up of modules that can be arranged and adapted to suit the needs and visitor numbers on the site. 3 different types are proposed: bench, chair and table. The modules will be able to be installed on their own or combined with each other to form clusters and enable other, more collective uses or events. The 13 modules presented as part of the experimentation phase are prototypes designed to test this modular furniture concept, prior to its production in larger quantities across the entire seafront.

The material: local, low-carbon clay concrete.
The modules are made from concrete manufactured from uncalcined clay, a material with a low carbon impact and high environmental value. This cement reduces the carbon footprint and energy consumption by 50% compared with conventional concrete. This innovative technology uses clay from local waste in a circular economy, a mineral resource that is intrinsically low-carbon and abundant. The entire production chain and industrial processes, from raw materials to on-site deployment, are carried out locally in a short circuit. Cement made from uncalcined clay naturally gives concrete elements an ochre-coloured hue and a stone-like finish. The prototypes were produced in the Landes by Materrup©, the inventor and producer of this innovative and virtuous material.


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