The Braséro

Benauge neighbourhood


The popular Benauge neighbourhood is to be the subject of a major urban renewal project in the coming years. The Bouriette & Vaconsin landscape studio has been commissioned by the City of Bordeaux to draw up a master plan.

We are taking the initiative to come to this neighbourhood in order to set up a participative and cultural initiative with the inhabitants and to contribute voluntarily to the studies and projects in progress.

We launch a process of Ateliers d’urbanisme utopique (Utopian Urban Design Workshops), in order to collect the ideas and needs of the inhabitants, which we then pass on to the Landscape Architects in charge of drawing up the master plan.

We imagine for that purpose a device of activation and urban prospective : The Braséro. At the centre of the device, a temporary architecture designed by the architects Laurent Bouquey and Gaël Boubaud. A wooden ribbon unfolds in Pinçon Square to offer a multi-purpose space – restaurant, tea room, terrace and chill out, open-air workout – so many detours to imagine the future of the neighbourhood.

To amplify the approach, we invite the artist-photographer Kristine Thiemann who proposes to make a series of photographs featuring the inhabitants and illustrating their ideas or stories collected during workshops and casting sessions.

The results of the Utopian Urban Planning Workshops and Kristine Thiemann’s photographic were exhibited in April 2012 at 308 Maison de l’Architecture in Bordeaux. 

Our involvement in the neighbourhood continued in 2012 with the project l’Institut du point de vue (Viewpoint Institute) and in 2013 with the project le Ring (the Ring).


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