Octobre 2006

Bruit du frigo exhibition

Bureau des Compétences et Désirs


This exhibition is shown as part of the Urbanicus Conferences initiated by the Collectif HDFS in Toulouse (Hervé Dangla and Stéphane Lapoutge), around the theme of big social housing estates.

It retraces the work of Bruit du frigo between 1995 and 2006. Among the projects presented, let’s mention for example the Jardin de ta soeur (“Your sister’s garden”), a project initiated with the inhabitants of Bordeaux Nord with the aim of saving a wasteland from urbanisation and transforming it into a garden for everyone. Or, as part of the restructuring of Pey-Harry, a social housing estate near Périgueux, the collective has been installed in a flat in the neighbourhood in order to support the inhabitants’ reflections on their living space.

The exhibition also presents their work in progress in the 15th arrondissement of Marseilles, carried out at the invitation of the Cosmos Kolej theater Company as part of its setting up at the Gare Franche theatre, between the St. Antoine and Plan d’Aou neighborhoods. The Cosmos Kolej Company invited Bruit du frigo to intervene with the inhabitants in order to weave human and artistic relations between the two neighbourhoods and the Company. Through observations, meetings with inhabitants and actors of these territories, artistic proposals, complicities, the collective imagines the project Comme un jardin diffus (“Like a diffuse garden”) and highlights the richness of these neighbourhoods, at the same time as it mobilizes their inhabitants on the urban mutations that affect their living environment.


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