2006 - 2009

Like a diffuse garden

Saint-Antoine and Plan d'Aou neighbourhoods


Le Jardin Diffus (“The Diffuse Garden”) is the result of an artistic residency at the Gare Franche theatre in Marseille’s 15th arrondissement, at the invitation of the Cosmos Kolej Theatre Company.

The objective is to build human and artistic relations between the Theatre and two surrounding neighbourhoods, St. Antoine and Plan d’Aou, through the organisation of artistic and cultural actions involving the participation of the inhabitants and actors of the neighbourhood :

  • Construction of street furniture from scraps collected during a clean-up of the site.
  • Creation of cooking recipes based on the census of edible plant species on the site and organization of ” headquarters meals ” with the inhabitants on a tablecloth embroidered with the motif of the neighbourhood map.
  • Creation of a public plant nursery and a temporary public garden, support for cultural actions in connection with the future landscape planning of the site.
  • Publication of a cartography “Le jardin diffus du Plan d’Aou” (“The diffuse garden of the Plan d’Aou”), revealing the richness, diversity and vegetal potential of the area.


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