Suburban Sessions at Pey-Harry

Pey-Harry neighbourhood


Suburban Sessions at Pey Harry is a project combining a participatory process on the requalification of the Pey Harry neighbourhood on the outskirts of Périgueux and in situ artistic actions.

Interventions in the neighbourhood in the form of regular residencies (1 week per month) :

  • Thematic workshops on subjects of daily life and the future of the district.
  • Programming of conviviality actions (picnics, aperitifs…)
  • Design and construction of outdoor furniture and fittings with guest artists.
  • Programming of cultural and artistic actions (exhibitions, cinema, picnics, walks, artistic performances, games…).
  • Support for the re-housing of the inhabitants (following the choice of the Municipality to demolish the building without on-site reconstruction) : inventory and diagnosis of potential re-housing sites in the urban area, visits to the sites with the inhabitants, co-animation of the coordination committee meetings.


“3 jours à Pey-Harry” – Film by Marc Vernier – 20′ – July 2002


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