Juin 2008

Lieux possibles

Queyries and Mériadeck neighbourhoods


The concept of Lieux Possible

Lieux possibles (“Possible Places”) is a project of poetic diversion and temporary activation of urban spaces, invested by multidisciplinary artistic interventions and other proposals of uses. Lieux possibles is a nomadic, multisite and interdisciplinary event.

Ingredients : places in the city, banal and extraordinary, under-exploited or inaccessible, ordinary or little known, human relations, imagination, desire, artistic presences and strangeness.

Action : shake it all up until temporary situations arise that need to be enjoyed.

Result : nourish the urban imagination, activate the creative potential of these places and question our values of use in the daily life of our cities.


Lieux possibles 2008 proposes to occupy the Mériadeck neighbourhood and the Queyries quays in Bordeaux.

Ingredients : sound and art installation, video projection, musical performances, walks, games, dance, ball, baths, massages, hairdressing, amplified petanque tournament…


Lieu Possible – Quartier Mériadeck

Despite being an important intersection area, the Mériadeck district – and more particularly the pedestrian slab above the street – remains little appropriated by the inhabitants of Bordeaux, little appreciated and little frequented in the evenings. Yet the potentials of this neighbourhood are significant, and the possible public uses have not all been explored. We propose to invest Mériadeck and to exploit its architectural and urban characteristics, its spaces, walls, floors, circulation, through installations and artistic, playful and convivial actions…


Lieu Possible – Quays of Queyries

The garden on the banks of the Queyries quays is appreciated by many walkers. It offers a remarkable view of our city. Daily walks, games, relaxation, picnics, etc. are all part of this garden. Its spatial, landscape and geographical potential makes it a site conducive to the development of collective, temporary or permanent uses. It could become a beach, an open-air cinema, a sports ground, a dance hall, a music scene…

It could thus be equipped with facilities to promote these practices and participate in the emergence of a cultural offer at the Bastide. We dedicate this edition to “the art of the body”, by offering to test a public dance floor, a public bathing and body care salon in the open air. This proposal has been imagined with the complicity of voluntary inhabitants of the neighbourhood on the occasion of a Utopian Urbanism Workshop.


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At the crossroads of art, territories and populations, our approach aims to promote the transition to sustainable, shared and welcoming cities, by proposing alternative ways of imagining and building our living environment and by exploring new forms of public space.