The Court of Miracles

Henri Brisson High School


In response to the interest of two teachers from the Collège Henri Brisson to initiate a reflection on the (in)equal use of the schoolyard between girls and boys, we developed a prospective diagnostic project on the use of the schoolyard according to a gendered approach.

This project involved a 6th and a 4th grade class, which themselves involved a 5th and a 3rd grade class.

An initial diagnosis enabled the mapping of the different areas of the schoolyard, the different types of uses associated with these areas, and the place of girls and boys according to the areas and uses.

This diagnosis was supplemented by an on-site diagnosis, in order to check whether the children’s representations were corroborated by the on-site observation.

Based on the students’ very negative apprehension of the schoolyard, we tried to determine the types of uses or development that could improve the quality of this central space of college life in order to make it a place of pleasure and fulfillment.

Based on this program of uses, we illustrated each use theme with existing projects. The children chose the images that corresponded to their aspirations from this repertoire, allowing us to establish a ranking of the most popular designs according to gender and age.

In order to share all the results with all the users of the college and to extend the debate on the issue of equity of space between girls and boys, we have designed an exhibition explaining both the process and the subject. This exhibition has been designed to be playful, attractive, and readable for adolescents. It was presented in the college for 4 months.


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