Juillet 2022

The Neighbours’ worksite



Within the framework of the collective factory supported by the Fabrique Pola, Bruit du frigo implemented a participative and performative workcamp aiming to design and build in 3 days a facility for the inhabitants of the squats next to the factory. The objective was to offer a multi-purpose and collective structure that would be installed on a neutral space, between the two housing areas.


The constructive principle was imagined from a constraint of form: an isosceles triangle that multiplies to offer a space for sitting and playing. A simple operating mode to ensure unity in the aesthetics of the final layout while responding to the time constraint (3 days of work) and the shifting team (made up of volunteer builders spread over the 3 days of work). The structure was built on top of the existing barrier to make the boundary more porous and to soften the space. The accumulation of triangles now offers a playful platform that can be freely appropriated by neighbours; a space for joggers, cyclists, walkers and visitors to the Pola factory to pause and sit.


To accompany the construction site and to enrich the dynamics of the project, artistic practice workshops were organised by the Fabrique Pola team with the artists: Coline Gaulot and Margot Bardinet.


The construction site was made possible thanks to the voluntary work of the builders who were mobilised, thank you to them.


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