Mai 2017

Super Fort !

Fort de Tourneville

Le Havre

Super Fort!
A space of hospitality and conviviality in the heart of the Fort of Tourneville, 

Designed as an open, covered and freely accessible platform, this 130m2 space on the hills above Le Havre is intended for the workers and users of this cultural place as well as the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. 

The Super Fort! combines, in addition to the office for the Fort! association, a hall, a meeting space, a playful seating area, a lookout hut and a summer kitchen around a bread oven, the whole being unified and sheltered by a large angular roof mixing wood and polycarbonate. 

This “Swiss Army Knife” place is an active heart of the fort, open to the neighbourhood and the city. A place of free appropriation and daily meeting (lunch, meetings, work place, waiting and relaxation area, information point…) and a tool for small cultural, festive, culinary, improvised or programmed events. 

In a word, Super Fort! embodies the opening of the Fort on its territory near and far, it offers a space favourable to the emergence of ways of living the city, friendly, convivial and especially creative, in order to give us the taste to recreate our daily life…

Time lapse – Construction du Super Fort ! – Réalisation : Damien Andrieux – 3’17”


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