2018 - 2019

Station Mue

Confluence Neighborhood


La Station Mue (The Moult Station) : an urban laboratory

A strange experimental station is set up in Lyon, in the south of the Confluence, in the future Champ neighbourhood, designed as an “inhabited forest”.
On a freshly landscaped plot of land, the Station Mue is deployed around an open-air architectural installation offering 750 m2 of space to be colonized and fertilized.
A playful and relaxing space, a place for expression, consultation, support for citizen initiatives and urban innovation, the Station Mue is conceived as a pioneering base camp in a changing territory. Installed for a period of about 5 years, its vocation is to accompany the creation of the neighbourhood and to prefigure its singular identity.

The Station Mue Park

The Parc de la Station Mue is part of the 2nd phase of the Lyon Confluence urban project. The Champ, with a surface area of 5 hectares, will constitute a landscape that complements the highly urbanised and mineralised Confluence neighbourhood. The challenge is to design a landscaped unit where landscape of private blocks and landscape of public spaces are mutually thought out and without rupture. The idea is to develop in a wooded and inhabited park, structural equipment carrying influence and innovation, while highlighting the natural and historical heritage of the area.

The vegetal prefiguration of the Champ makes it possible to create a rapid change of image from the current site – mostly mineral due to its past industrial exploitation – to the image of a densely planted wooded park.

Kiosk Festival

From September 29 to October 6, 2018, the Kiosk Festival inaugurates the Station Mue :

Insect party, workshops, concerts, entomophagous buffet, beautiful surprises. Initiated by the association Oùesk, the festival was born in the former hall QR2 of the Wholesale Market. The objective : experiment the principle of the city kiosk by hosting a program of artistic, sporting and citizen meetings. In collaboration with local structures and cultural institutions of the city, the event revealed the creative potential of this emerging neighbourhood.

It was therefore natural that Bruit du frigo joined forces with Oùesk to bring this 3rd edition of Kiosk to the South and to come and inaugurate and activate the Station Mue.


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