1, 2 et 3 Juillet 2016

On a marché sur la Têt

Banks of the Têt River


On a marché sur la Têt is an event of prefiguration of the developments of the banks of the Têt, river which crosses the urban area of Perpignan proposing :

  • A two-day walking expedition to explore the Têt and its surroundings…
  • A bivouac, an ephemeral, festive and convivial place of exhibition on the banks of the river in Perpignan.


The expedition :

During two days, we proposed an artistic program as well as an exploratory hike.
Following the river as closely as possible from Saint-Féliu d’Avall to Canet-en-Roussillon, this collective hike offered a unique immersive experience to discover the site under development. 200 participants discovered the natural and heritage riches that make up this now little-known landscape. Eleven of the twelve communes concerned by the project were crossed: Saint-Féliu d’Avall, Pézilla-la-Rivière, le Soler, Baho, Villeneuve-la-Rivière, Perpignan, Bompas, Villelongue de la Salanque, Canet-en-Roussillon and Sainte-Marie.


The bivouac :

In order to make the inhabitants of the area aware of this new emerging public space, we have designed and produced a temporary installation prefiguring the uses that will eventually be able to mark out the whole of the River and presenting the project currently being designed by the Landscape Architecture studio Base.


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