March 2017

The Summit of Glory

Henri Fabre park


On the occasion of Marseille-Provence European Capital of Sport, Bruit du frigo is taking up the challenge of “Un Air de Jeu” to enable the general public to meet contemporary art, by taking up the game of… sport ! A great opportunity to create a work that is usable and appropriate, halfway between sculpture and urban furniture.


Between sculpture and street furniture

The Glory Summit offers a simple and identifiable form, echoing the sporting references of the prize list and the stands. The podium is the symbol of the sports competition that distinguishes the first three participants. If we multiply the number of tiers, we are approaching a competition where all the participants would have their share of glory, to the point of making a mountain out of a mountain ! This ironic sculpture allows the winners to celebrate their victory as much as it allows them to do step exercises or play at climbing to the top of the glory or to be the fans sitting on a multi-directional mini-tribune. 

This multiplied podium becomes the place where one can imagine absurd contests, declaim poems, or even realize artistic performances.

Turning these iconic images of sport into mockery is a way of inviting people to take part in an offbeat sporting activity. This sculptural furniture then becomes a support for the imagination, to accommodate improvised forms of appropriation. If the form is created to be the theatre of daily actions, it can also lend itself to the game of hosting artistic performances on different occasions.


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