25-30 october 2021

Le Repère



The development of Le Repère consists of taking over a space in the heart of the neighborhood and turning it into a laboratory of ideas, a resource space, a conviviality space, neutral and open to all. It is the base camp of the team present in the neighborhood, a place of work in which workshops and activities closely linked to the practices of the neighborhood and to the reflection carried out on the landscaped spaces are proposed.

Within the framework of the project of redevelopment of the landscaped spaces of the Géants district, we imagined and implemented a participative workcamp to transform a vacant room into a permanent place for the project. This period of activation of the public space was imagined as a first strong time on the district to introduce itself to the inhabitants and to symbolize the beginning of the mission on the slab of the Giants.

The temporary installation built in front of the premises symbolizes a hand coming out of the ground to signify the awakening of the Giants to come and to arouse the collective imagination around the urban project.


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At the crossroads of art, territories and populations, our approach aims to promote the transition to sustainable, shared and welcoming cities, by proposing alternative ways of imagining and building our living environment and by exploring new forms of public space.