Mai 2021


Parc des Sports Quartier Saint Michel

Bordeaux (33)


Inspired by the imaginary bandstand, the Kiosk of the Parc des Sports is a reversible temporary installation offering a space of conviviality. Associated with picnic tables, a platform is drawn in the heart of the structure allowing a free appropriation by the users as well as the installation of small spectacular forms. 

The masts of the structure offer multiple possibilities of hanging: light garlands, shade sails… and break with the horizontality of the meadow to create a strong visual appeal on the park.

The Kiosk is a project led collectively with the aim of federating the associative structures of the Saint Michel district around the conception and the manufacturing of a temporary arrangement. This installation is conceived as a tool of experimentation facilitating the deployment of animations and activities on the park of the sports with as a line of sight a stake of mediation and pacification of the site.


Three objectives have emerged:

– To support the neighborhood partners in defining the specifications of this development and its design: defining its functions, its form, its location, its management…

– To set up a participative construction site of the object in order to mobilize the inhabitants of the district and the users of the park. To accompany the re-appropriation of the site through the act of doing

– To assist the associative actors in the coordination of a summer program and the implementation of a collective, convivial and festive time to activate the object and to celebrate the end of the construction site

In parallel with the participatory wood workshop, Récup’R, in partnership with the sewing workshop of the Saint Michel animation center, has set up a participatory workshop for the making of shade sails that will be made available to associations as part of their activities.


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