2009 - 2010

The Beach

Beaudésert neighbourhood


The Beach, Mirage at Beaudésert

The City of Mérignac invites Bruit du frigo to imagine a temporary installation for the use of the inhabitants and the social, educational and cultural structures of the neighbourhood in order to question the future public equipment “the resident’s house”.
This centre will be built on a 2000 m² vacant lot, on the edge of the old and new housing units. 

The challenge of this approach is to launch a participatory process enabling the inhabitants and actors to get involved in the design of this temporary installation, to contribute to the reflection on the future public equipment and to create a convivial space conducive to the meeting of the historical inhabitants of Beaudésert and the newcomers.

In order to involve the inhabitants we organised castings to form a team of builders. There were 20 of them, aged between 12 and 82. They told us about their neighbourhood and its history and together we built a micro architecture “La Criée”. At the disposal of the neighbourhood, everyone could book it, and gradually appropriate the space.

To complete this temporary construction, we casted 30 designer inhabitants who collaborated with Coloco’s landscape architects to imagine the exterior and complementary installations of the future “resident’s house”.

The Beach has thus emerged from the ground. Sand, foggers, a 10m long table, beach volleyball, bicross, petanque, vegetable gardens… An open garden to prefigure uses to be perpetuated.
The Beach lived for two years, until the work on the “resident’s house” began. The Beaudésert social centre has worked hard on its management and maintenance by organising training building sites.


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