La Mêlée

Fabrique POLA


La Mêlée (the Scrum) is a living, ephemeral artistic laboratory on the city. Each year, La Mêlée invites through a theme to discover and experiment artistic and urban proposals that create a more flexible, more human and more shared city. 


2019 : RESTER GROUPÉ (Staying grouped)

The theme of the first edition of La Mêlée: Staying together, to express your points of view, share, create, stroll, look and do things differently together. Because unity is strength, the group becomes a lever for our thoughts and actions. 

La Mêlée moves into the new premises of the Fabrique Pola of which Bruit du Frigo is a founding member. We have taken over the diffusion spaces of the factory to install a scenography, an exhibition, and to propose meetings…

14 days of programmation, 287 m2 of exhibition and architectural installation. A lively scenography where one ventures as if on a journey punctuated by surprises, encounters and welcoming spaces. A scenography that you live in, that you occupy, where you feel at home. Here, we take our time. Time to have a drink, dance, have dinner and sleep.


Time Lapse montage et activation de la Mêlée – 45” – Juillet 2019


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At the crossroads of art, territories and populations, our approach aims to promote the transition to sustainable, shared and welcoming cities, by proposing alternative ways of imagining and building our living environment and by exploring new forms of public space.