2017 - 2018

The House and a half

University Campus


How to make the campus a place to live ? 

How to take the campus out of the monofunctionality of teaching ? How to make it a place linked to daily life, that can combine learning and social life, that can also allow new forms of teaching ?  How can we compensate for poverty and the lack of common spaces ? How can we make the outside spaces alive and connected ? How can we create common ?  

The time of study is a founder time, the first moment of autonomy during which students build this new world of their own. A sometimes difficult time that imposes on them contrary alliances between the demands of study, financial constraints and the need to connect with others.  What role can or should the campus play in this key period ?


The House and a Half (La Maison et demi), a test place for common uses

After an initial diagnosis carried out with the student associations of Bordeaux Montaigne University, we imagined the House and a half, an open and covered space, installed on a central area, a signal place from which we set up 4 thematic days whose objectives were to question the students on the way they live their campus, as well as on the uses that could contribute to make the campus a real place to live.


4 days of experiments 

How can we eat, how can we eat better, together ? How to meet and relax outside of class? In which existing spaces or spaces to be imagined ? How to connect the campus to the city around it ? How to make this place a place that lives outside of teaching while being open to the urban space in which it is embedded ? How can we infuse use into some neglected but remarkable spaces ? How to connect the spaces of the campus to each other and get out of a practice of fragmentation ?

 These are all questions that we discussed during 4 days of activation and thematic prefiguration during which we proposed activities around the meal, leisure, relaxation, culture and exploration of the campus.

These days allowed us to test possible uses, and to question students about their desires and needs, about their conception of what would give the campus this capacity for daily life, to take a new look at a space on which it is possible to find its capacity to project itself. 

Designed to last only a year, the House and a half is still on site, and is fully playing its role as a common space.


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