2016 - 2018

J’peux pas j’ai chantier !

Cuyes neighbourhood


After an initial consultation phase in 2013 on the Cabanon Cuyes project, which led to the definition of the guide plan for the neighbourhood’s public spaces, Bruit du frigo was selected with the same partners, reinforced by the IMS engineering office, for the operational phase of the project.

We propose to work according to the principle of 1st and 2nd building sites, a concept inspired by the architect Nicolas Soulier, in his book “Reconquerir les rues” published in 2012.

The 1st building sites correspond to the structural works: roads, parking, technical networks, plantations, lighting… 

The 2nd worksites refer to the lighter, user-friendly facilities, such as furniture and micro-development, which can be the subject of the involvement of inhabitants and users in their definition, construction and animation.

Our intervention, based on the work schedule of the 1st building sites (end 2016 to early 2020), consists in setting up a participative process to involve the inhabitants on the 2nd building sites, while ensuring the coherence of the overall plan.
We alternate during 2 years and a half, co-design workshops and participative building sites, identifying beforehand with the inhabitants the strategic spaces to be equipped and the needs in terms of uses.

This progressive and iterative work over the long term has made it possible, through exchanges with the inhabitants, to adjust the first building sites and to adapt the overall project as best as possible to the evolution of practices and needs in the neighbourhood. 

Main steps :

  • November 2016 > May 2017 : 1st phase of consultation on the development of micro lounges at the foot of buildings to make these everyday spaces comfortable and welcoming and to facilitate meetings between neighbours. Workshops on the choice of locations, shapes and uses. 
  • Summer 2017 : participative building sites for the construction of 6 micro lounges, all different. 
  • End 2017 > spring 2018 : 2nd phase of consultation on the heart of the neighbourhood around a project of sports, recreational, playful and convivial equipment.
    Organization of workshops and micro-events in the public space, work around models, testing of certain outdoor uses (step classes, relaxation and well-being lounge, culinary appointments …), all these are pretexts to reinforce links and facilitate meetings with new residents. 
  • Summer 2018: participative building sites in the heart of the neighbourhood for a covered Hall, a barbecue, playful and sporty furniture and generous tables. 
  • Autumn 2018, the last participative building site, to give a new look to the pre-school forecourt and create playful facilities.


Les temps de chantier sont des moments collectifs ouverts, animés avec la collaboration des acteurs locaux comme le centre d’animation ou l’association d’habitant du quartier. Nous alternons temps de travail et moments de partage autour par exemple d’une projection cinéma ou d’un concert. Tous les prétextes sont bons pour être visibles, généreux et insuffler un esprit festif.

Les fins de chantier sont des moments de mise en usage des éléments construits. Tout le quartier est convié pour inaugurer les aménagements et faire la fête.
Nous avons par exemple invité le collectif d’artistes Ricochet sonore qui a impliqué les habitants autour d’une performance chantée et dansée, restituée au moment de l’inauguration de la Halle. Gros succès !!!


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At the crossroads of art, territories and populations, our approach aims to promote the transition to sustainable, shared and welcoming cities, by proposing alternative ways of imagining and building our living environment and by exploring new forms of public space.