Remarkable identities

Midi-Quercy region


Remarkable identities,
Combination of individuals to solve the identity equation of a territory


La Cuisine, Art and Design Centre invites Bruit du frigo for a residence on the scale of the Pays Midi Quercy.

The Pays Midi-Quercy is made up of four communities of villages and 49,000 inhabitants. Its face is the expression of a multitude that each new arrival redraws the figure of this territory. We propose an action adapted to these plural, rich and extensive inhabited areas. An open process capable of welcoming these diversities in order to propose a vision, among others, of this living heritage which is constantly evolving. Questioning the microcosm of the family, returning to the smallest symbolic and physical space that gives substance to our identities.

What did we all have in common at the very beginning ? As complex as it may be, we all come from families. Our memories and children’s games have contributed to the construction of the individuals we have become and therefore to the community in which we evolve. From this hypothesis we have chosen to make combinations of individuals to solve the identity equation of the Pays Midi-Quercy and to make: Remarkable Identities of this territory.


We imagined a card game of 7 fictitious families based on encounters with real individuals. Each card in the game is a micro-document and the reflection of these people who have given us time, who have opened the door to their home and their history. Each family photograph becomes an allegorical, funny and dynamic combination, a resource on this territory that plays with its qualities, its surprises and the antagonisms that forge our attachment to the places we live in.
We propose to discover different readings and recomposed images of this territory. 


The exhibition, presented from October 14, 2014 to January 10, 2015, led the visitor from documentary to fiction, from the meeting of these people to the photographic and cartographic recompositions of these inhabited, traversed and to be rediscovered places.



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