Grésillons neighbourhood


The Grésilab, a mobile workshop to question the neighbourhood’s public spaces

The Grésillons neighbourhood has just gone through a period of major urban renewal works. On this occasion, the City of Gennevilliers wished to initiate a collective reflection on the use and possible improvements to the neighbourhood’s public spaces. In order to meet the inhabitants and users, we imagined the Grésilab, a mobile workshop device.

For four days, from May 29 to June 1, 2013, we deployed the Gresilab to take over several important places in Les Grésillons in order to collect the opinions and ideas of passers-by on the future of the neighbourhood’s public spaces. What uses could we imagine for the green spaces ? How can we improve the living environment on Place Jaffeux and Place Gandhi ? What types of projects do you like to participate in in your neighbourhood ?… So many questions that we asked the people of Gresillon.

The many exchanges were compiled and illustrated in a booklet that was to be distributed to the inhabitants and accompanied by an exhibition. The City of Gennevilliers finally decided not to make the conclusions and perspectives of this work public, certainly fearing that they would be interpreted as political promises, in the run-up to the municipal election campaign of 2014…


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