1999 - 2004

Suburban picnics

Bordeaux outskirts

Suburban picnics are convivial gatherings on atypical sites, in “hollow” spaces that the city makes by pushing, pushing back, disrupting its limits.

Most often we find waste, oxidized metals, sheet metal, burnt wood, tires, cloth, wrecks, plastics, sometimes a few insects, rabbits, hoods or wild grasses, but also…

These spaces cannot be described, they have to be explored to capture their little magic, their fragile qualities, where the framing only captures the anecdotal, where the camera only captures the sordid or the texture…

Bruit du frigo organised around twenty suburban picnics between 1999 and 2004, each bringing together between 50 and 150 people.


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At the crossroads of art, territories and populations, our approach aims to promote the transition to sustainable, shared and welcoming cities, by proposing alternative ways of imagining and building our living environment and by exploring new forms of public space.