On va s’Eymet

Rives de Floirac neighbourhood


As part of the mission to develop the Eymet path and the future veterans’ square in the Floirac riverside district, Bruit du frigo accompanies the BASE landscape agency in the prefiguration and appropriation of public spaces in the making. Our intervention is based on two key actions :

  • A participative building site for the construction of temporary installations along the Eymet path, allowing multi-purpose uses according to the desires expressed : games, relaxation, conviviality, contemplation :
    • Three “Totem” structures positioned in strategic locations to mark the entrances of the park.
    • Dotted furniture to punctuate the walk and offer different situations of appropriation of the site.
  • A festive event of conviviality to celebrate the end of the participatory building site and collectively prefigure the future veterans’ square. This event was conceived in collaboration with the local actors and contributes to the dynamism and enhancement of the site. The event was born out of the inhabitants’ desire to revitalize the town centre, to encourage the creation of convivial spaces and to liven up the future square.


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