Mai 2022

Le Volcan

Volcanic eruption in the Cité Blanche park



Volcanic eruption in the Cité Blanche park

A multi-purpose and reversible structure, the Volcano offers seating and relaxation areas, as well as areas for climbing, sliding and allowing for different motor skills. A playful platform, its volcanic island shape generates imagination and reverie. The volcano and the resulting graphic proposal create a signal for the district, attracting attention to help revitalise the Cité Blanche park and giving back a place for play and audacity in the heart of the district.

Winner of the call for projects issued by the CDC Habitat for the Cité Blanche park in the La Benauge district of Bordeaux, Bruit du frigo began a collective design process to imagine and build a temporary wooden installation with the inhabitants and its actors. This project aims to revitalise the Cité Blanche park and to reactivate it while waiting for the urban project to come.

Federating actors and inhabitants around a common project

We are keen to carry out our actions in the public space and to deploy visible devices, generating curiosity and strangeness. To create pretexts for encounters in order to create spaces for informal discussions with the inhabitants, so as to involve them with us in a collective creation process. Three consecutive days of interactive workshops were held in the heart of the park during the month of February in order to meet the inhabitants and collect their desires, their needs, their dreams.

The three main trends that emerged from the informal discussions and collective design workshops were: playing/climbing, playing sports and gathering. In terms of space, the majority of the inhabitants project themselves towards a generous and central object that allows them to meet around playful and collective functions.

The Volcan’s proposal made it possible to respond in part to the expectations expressed in anticipation of a permanent development in the making.



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