May 21 > October 31, 2016

The Wrapped Visitor

Maison de la vache qui rit


The Wrapped Visitor (Le Visiteur emballé)

By associating Bruit du frigo and the fashion designer Micha Deridder, La Maison de La vache qui rit proposes to discover packaging from a completely different perspective. In collaboration with the Bel Group’s packaging development department, the artists propose participatory systems that allow visitors to follow an exhibition tour in which discovery comes through experimentation.
Inspired by the atmosphere of Charlie and the chocolate factory, we want to create a playful place where adults and children, locals and tourists alike, can understand the packaging manufacturing process but also play with, create, fold, engrave and guess. Wax, stamps, dresses, lampshades, origami,… Enough to fill this space with use and life.


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