The Tourniscope

Plein Ciel neighbourhood


The Tourniscope is a playful and sensory space installed on the sandy ground of the former site of Pau Beach, next to the future urban micro-farm Terra Preta. 

Two half circles face each other and respond to each other, creating a central space for free play and an open stage. On one side a red slope offers a sloping surface perfect for sliding and climbing. On the other side : a space for contemplation to observe the show that goes on around it.  Red orifices come out of the seats and if you venture your ear or your mouth, you will have the opportunity to whisper sweet words, hear secrets, catch a scream, sing a melody… 

The slender roof is the link between these two entities : it sets the rhythm and, beyond the generous shade it offers on this treeless land, its height sets a signal in the landscape and visually attracts the curious. Metal windmills are placed at the top of the poles, they turn when the wind is blowing enough and give the impression that the Tourniscope could almost take off.


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