Mai 2008

The Porch Bistro

Breil-Malville Neighbourhood


The challenge of this creative residency is to involve the inhabitants in an urban prospective process on the scale of the Breil-Malville neighbourhood. In particular, the aim is to imagine the possible development of a new space resulting from the programmed demolition of part of a housing block : the Raimu porch.

The proposal consists of transforming and converting the porch into a temporary bistro and workshop, by grafting a construction on the building’s facade.
The bistro is a tool for human and urban activation, a way to create a friendly and stimulating public space to mobilize, meet and work with the inhabitants.

The menu card is elaborated in cooperation with women from the local association Takapres, local resident cookers and guest cookers from Bordeaux and Nantes.
The kitchens are installed in one of the apartments above the Porch and the dishes are transported by an electric lift. Approximately 500 covers were served during the two weeks of opening and the bistro was full at all times.

The Utopian Urbanism Workshop produced a set of ideas and proposals that we illustrated with photomontages and presented in an exhibition.
These documents, which have been transmitted to the official authorities, were intended to serve as a basis for reflection on future developments in the neighbourhood.


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