The Cabin

University Bordeaux 1


It was the discovery of the Maison et demi, a project carried out on the neighbouring campus of the University Bordeaux Montaigne, and the uses it allows, that decided the Student Life Office of the University of Bordeaux 1 to call on us. The project is to propose a new multifunctional outdoor space on the campus that can be adapted to the various uses of campus life. 

A daily relaxation area for students, an exhibition and communication area, an event space as such or in connection with a large-scale event on campus, the Cabane (the Cabin) offers a permanent, generous, convivial, multiple, covered space open to all.  

The Cabane has been co-financed in a very voluntary and eco-responsible way by the Student Life Office and the University of Bordeaux.  

The Student Life Office, some student associations and groups have set up a communication campaign and strong actions in favour of energy savings in the buildings : lighting, heating, water use. These savings have been quantified by the University of Bordeaux, and the Student Life Office has made the collective choice to re-inject this available budget into the co-financing of a project serving the common good and the life of students on campus.


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