2010 - 2013

Jardins Da-Ko-T

20th arrondissement


The Da-ko-T gardens are part of the Nature + programme, developed by the City of Paris. The objective is to create new collective spaces on green areas identified as abandoned, through micro-projects of gardens with different uses.


Our intervention was carried out on two neglected areas in the East of the 20th arrondissement : the first, rue Cristino Garcia on the edge of the ring road and the second, Boulevard Davout in the Tour Du Pin residence. 

Actions carried out :

  • Animation of a permanent office at 24 Boulevard Davout, a real space of proximity in the centre of the two intervention sites : exhibition areas, public workshop, animated showcase…
  • Events to mobilize the inhabitants to launch the creation of an association, Le Clos Garcia, for the management and animation of the future garden on rue Cristino Garcia.
  • Setting up a Utopian Urbanism Workshop to open up the debate and the imagination on the scale of the neighbourhood.
  • Participative building site for the construction of the Jardin Clos Garcia.
  • Building site for the construction of the Tour du Pin Garden.


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At the crossroads of art, territories and populations, our approach aims to promote the transition to sustainable, shared and welcoming cities, by proposing alternative ways of imagining and building our living environment and by exploring new forms of public space.