September 2016

Expedition around the middle

Quartier Villagexpo


Expedition around the middle (Expédition autour du milieu) : a suburban housing estate transformed into an ephemeral artistic laboratory !

18 FAI-AR apprentice artists in immersion in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, a town on the outskirts of Bordeaux.

This laboratory brought together 18 apprentices from the FAI-AR (School of Street Arts, in Marseille) for 12 days of creation in St-Médard-en-Jalles in the Bordeaux metropolis, more precisely at Villagexpo, an experimental suburban housing estate dating from the 1960s. 

The subject : Creating in a suburban environment.

The objective : to counter the often negative vision associated with this urbanism and reveal the qualities and artistic potential of these territories. Imagine a contextual creation to be experimented during the laboratory.

The conditions : total immersion in a suburban environment : inaugural 2-day trek with bivouac to reach the destination, workshops at Villagexpo, lunches at the municipal canteen, overnight stays in a Formule1 hotel…

The Laboratory concluded with a public restitution bringing together the various proposals of the apprentices : performances in private gardens or on rooftops, inventory of artificial fauna, creation of a micro-counter for street bowlers, tours of a car alarm clock to the sounds of a playlist provided by the inhabitants…


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