Convoi exceptionnel #1

Bordeaux Bacalan

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Convoi exceptionnel (Exceptional convoy) is the unique framework of an artist’s residency combined with a social experimentation project.

Imagine a group composed of artists and inhabitants, sharing two weekends, to live together an extraordinary journey. A collective expedition, not very far from their homes, a trip to shift the focus on our daily lives, on what surrounds us.

The approach

Convoi exceptionnel was born from the desire to invent a framework for itinerant artistic creation closely linked to the territory it crosses, lived through the prism of a human adventure. A contextual approach inscribed on a territory whose contours are drawn by the individual and collective perception of the participants.

The journey

Convoi exceptionnel brings together two groups of people, 2 territories and 2 artists, the illustrator Pipocolor, and the photographer and video artist Benoit Grimalt. They don’t know each other, they have probably never visited the other territory, but together they will invite each other to discover it.
Each participant, just like the greeters, makes discover a place or a singular person of his neighbourhood. Each group is in turn host and visitor for a weekend.

The group alternates between taste experiences in unusual places, strange and spectacular parties, intimate and magical nights. A fabulous journey that generates emotions based on the resources of the territories read in the light of an exceptional adventure.


From this trip, Pipocolor and Benoît Grimalt produced two series of art works, exhibited in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande and Bordeaux-Bacalan.

Pipocolor has produced a series of 7 posters La publicité & la Poésie (Advertising & Poetry) which are inspired by and revisit the codes of promotional or preventive advertising posters, each accompanied by a poetic text. These posters chant obsequious slogans over a background of narrative and colourful illustrations.

Benoît Grimalt created Tout va bien pour l’instant (“Everything’s going well for now”), 14 images illustrating a correspondence between a child who went to summer camp and his parents.

Benoit has also directed 2 films : Instants choisis d’un séjour à Sainte-foy-la-Grande (“Selected moments from a stay in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande”) and Instants choisis d’un séjour à Bacalan (“Selected moments from a stay in Bacalan”), two short films in which humour, poetry and nostalgia mingle and offer an attentive and benevolent look to travellers, then moves away from them and allows himself to be attracted to elements of which he reveals their plasticity on the edge of abstraction.

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