Domain of Chamarande


Art in swimsuit and beach towel !

The Art Centre of the Chamarande domain in Essonne region invites Bruit du frigo for its spring-summer 2013 season, as part of the exhibition “Milieux”.

Inspired by the idea of holidays – let’s not forget that Chamarande was a holiday resort for the nobility – and the importance of water on the Domain, the Bruit du Frigo collective proposes with “Chamarande-les-bains” a practical, convivial and playful installation, to get together with family and friends, bathe, soak your feet and lie down while contemplating an exceptional landscape.

By creating a bathing area that mirrors the lower basin of the water buffet, the collective is also taking the opposite approach to the heritage image associated with the place ; it reminds the inhabitants of Chamarande and visitors that the Domain is also a public garden open to all : a place for collective use, relaxation, well-being and hospitality. Come with your swimsuit and your beach towel !

This installation has met with great public success, particularly among local residents, which has led the Chamarande Domain to extend it for two more seasons, until 2015.


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