Mai 2005



Captures is a program of artist residencies – workshops organized by the association Échancrure, at the contemporary art space of the vaults of the port of Royan, in Charente-Maritime.

The 14th edition gathered 4 multidisciplinary collectives around the topic “Human Capital”:

  • Echelle Inconnue (Rouen)
  • Cabanon Vertical (Marseille)
  • Transnational Temps (Spain)
  • Bruit du frigo (Bordeaux)


Realisations by Bruit du frigo :

  • A prototype hood and curtain for a public bench. 
  • A barter bike, a mobile conversation device. 
  • Jardins d’hôtes, 12min video, story of a 3-day hike through the residential areas on the outskirts of Royan while bivouacking in private gardens. 
  • A performance around a kite made from salvaged boat sails.


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