On vacation with Jeannie L

an artistic bicycle epic

Bordeaux - Créon - Sauveterre de Guyenne - La Réole (Gironde)

© Anne Cécile Paredes

On vacation with Jeannie L
an artistic bicycle epic – 2023 – 1st adventure

Not everyone can go on vacation, it’s a privilege. Sometimes you need daring, often you need money, or others to go with you. What about those who don’t go on vacation, or who don’t go very often? It’s for them that we wanted to propose a collective escapade, a human adventure, an artistic epic. These vacations take place on bicycles, with people who don’t go on vacation, and with artists.

Imagine a group made up of 4 artists in residence and young adults, sharing a 3-day weekend to experience an extraordinary journey together. A collective expedition, not far from home, a trip that shifts the way we look at our daily lives and our surroundings, and an adventure that shakes up everyone’s ideas and takes us elsewhere.

En vacances avec Jeannie L is an experiment in how we, as artists and cultural players, can find a place for ourselves in the daily lives of people far removed from our professions, and make room for them in our artistic practices.

En vacances avec Jeannie L is a creative framework, a set of rules that sets up the conditions for this encounter, envisaging that the beneficiaries are as much the public who pedal as the young artists embarking on this adventure.

The group of travelers is formed from partnerships with social structures that support isolated minors (R-d’acceuil – Rénovation), young adults with mental disabilities (AD’appro – Institut Don Bosco) and adults from the Bacalan district.

This group, made up of travelers, educators, artists and members of Bruit du frigo, brings together 30 people. The trip is developed throughout the year with the participants. It includes meetings with cultural operators along the way, to build bridges and enable travelers to discover cultural and artistic initiatives, and experiment with artistic practices.


Guest artists

Young women artists who need to make their atypical approaches visible in a dedicated and recognized venue for art and culture in Bordeaux. They have been chosen for their ability to create contextual works, open to encounters, and to tell the story of a collective adventure.

Marianne Vieulès: Visual art

Marianne Vieulès manipulates different levels of truth in all her work, in particular a slightly mysterious, flexible truth that she achieves through imagination and fabrication.

L’association l amicale: Virginie Terroitin and Maddalena Pornaro: visual art and architecture

l amicale are two young women, Maddalena Pornaro and Virginie Terroitin. Both are architects by training. For several years, they have been involved in alternative architectural practices which, through mediation, mobilization and experimentation, involve citizens in the creation of shared spaces and collective experiences.
In the course of their cooperation, they have developed a shared vision, always leading them towards collaborative practices involving contextual, transdisciplinary methodologies. The projects they have been working on in recent years have always involved a collective adventure, involving the project’s residents and users. They have developed multiple, transdisciplinary skills combining design, construction, graphics and illustration.

Camille Téqui : visual art , vidéaste

Video artist, she defines herself as a field filmmaker. Working in the Aquitaine region for the past fifteen years, she specializes in videodance and social portraits.
With her camera in hand, she films like a choreographer.


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