July 2017

Le Casse-Têt

Banks of the Têt


Le Casse-Têt : a micro-landscape to explore

For the second edition of On a marché sur la Têt, an event to promote the banks of the river Têt project, we propose an ephemeral installation in kit form : the Casse-Têt.

The aim is to prefigure the furniture that will mark out the future 27 km trail between St Féliu d’Avall and Canet-en-Roussillon. Inviting curiosity, play and relaxation, the Casse-Têt is a micro-landscape to be discovered and explored ; alternately public bench, playground, signal tower, rest area or even dance floor or stage.

Following the event, the pieces of this kind of puzzle, conceived as a collection of micro-architectures, are disassembled and disseminated on 3 municipalities in order to continue the experimentation during the summer and to reinforce the appropriation of the project by the inhabitants.


The artists of The George Tremblay Show propose “Cours du soir”, a four-part serial performance. Each day at 8pm during the event, a couple takes place on the installation and creates poetic and humoristic moments, inspired by the four dimensions of the river banks: length, width, height and time. By actively involving the public in this performance, these moments build an offbeat vision of the banks of the Têt.


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